Text 27 Jul Day 15!!!

Today I woke up pretty late. I met up with an Australian mate I met in the bar a week ago.
His name’s Martin. And We headed out at 1 to Akihabara. Luc also tagged along and we just roamed Akihabara! I bought so many things I just lost count but it was totally worth it!
After 4 hours we just started wandering around. I wanted to see some more real Japanese things. and I found it. We went into a…

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Text 27 Jul Day 16!
Tokyo 107

Today is the day that marks my halfway point that I’ve reached of my trip!
I still got a lot more days to come! But also already so many days have gone by…
Today has been the laziest day by far! I dunno what happened but MAAAAN!
slept till 12 but I stayed in bed for like 2. I’m glad we had such a good airconditioning in our room.
What I did afterwards is my Laundry, I just had to do it once so I’d…

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Text 27 Jul Day 14!!!

Day 14 has arrived!
Woke up at 9 had bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast.
Today would be the final day in Nikko. We gotta say goodbye to the beautiful nature and everything else in Nikko. Where would we be going today? Edo Wonderland!
Edo wonderland is an amusement park based on the edo days. meaning that we’re back in the 1600′s. The park has samurai walking around, swordfights you can…

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Text 24 Jul Day 13!!!!
Tokyo 006

Day 13 :)
I couldn’t really sleep due to the extreme heat but it didn’t keep me from waking up energized as hell!
I was so happy! We headed with everybody in the mini van! It was a fun ride, the owner dropped us off at the location and we headed to the temples! These temples are part of the biggest collection in Japan! Most of them are dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu.
Tokugawa Ieyasu established the…

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                         Time to make amends for what you’ve done…
                               running with the demons in your head.

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